Weighted Blankets for Kids:

Our Guide to the Best Picks

Why You Should Consider a Weighted Blanket for Your Child

Do you have problems with your child sleeping through the night? Does your kid struggle with anxiety? What about sensory issues? Have they been diagnosed with autism?

Weighted blankets can be helpful for all of the above issues. Need convincing? Check out our article about the benefits of weighted blankets. Keep reading for some of our favorite weighted blankets, weighted stuffed animals, and other options to help keep your kids calm. 

Our Favorite Weighted Blankets

Dive in! We list 6 of the cutest + cuddliest weighted blankets available for kids below. 

Penguin Weighted Blanket

Fun + Functional

This cute blanket is for ages 3+. It's designed so that your child can wear it. The blanket weighs about 1 pound  and each flipper has 1 pound of weight in it (also removable). It is 62" x 28".  It is designed to support children with a variety of sensory needs. They also  offer free shipping!

Southpaw Weighted Blanket

The sleek + simple option

The Southpaw weighted blanket is "manufactured with safe, non-toxic steel shot sandwiched between two outside layers in a proprietary laminating process".  This unique design is different than most and claims to assure completely even distribution of the weight. It comes in 5 different sizes and 5 different weights (ranging from 3-20 pounds).  It comes in the color pictured. In the small print they note that it is lead-free. 

Harkla Weighted Blanket

The colorful cooling option

This kids blanket comes in 5, 7, and 10 pound weights with 5 different color options. It has a soft minky duvet cover that is removable and machine-washable (huge win!). They utilize a bamboo interior to keep your child comfy and cool. Plus, they offer a lifetime guarantee. 

Hazli Weighted Blanket

Best option for a girly-girl

This award-winning parent tested parent approved™ weighted blanket is 100% cotton and  filled with hypo-allergenic micro glass beads and a layer of microfiber. The cover is the soft minky fabric, removable and washable. It comes in Blue, Pink, Turquoise, and Navy. They offer 5, 7, and 10 pounds options in various sizes. 

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Options for Boys + Girls

Mosaic has SO many fun options for kids—owls, unicorns, and even Star Wars themed. They come in kids (38x50), throw (38x60) and Twin (42x72) sizes with 5, 8, and 10 pound weight options. They use BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, FDA compliant plastic pellets to weight the blankets. They are machine-washable—and they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

Quility Weighted Blanket

Options for all sizes

Quility's "innovative 7-layered blanket is designed to offer supreme comfort".  The outer layer is 100% cotton, and it is lined with polyester layers containing glass beads. They guarantee that their unique design will deliver optimal temperature control. They offer 6 different colors, in ranges of weight from 5-30 pounds, and in a variety of sizes. 

Weighted Vests + Lap Pads

Most of the research on using a weighted blanket was actually determined using weighted vests. There are a couple brands that make some fun vests, wraps, and lap pads for children. These are our favorites:

Harkla Weighted Vest

The on-the-go basic option

This weighted vast is made out of soft neoprene with built-in mesh to allow for ventilation. It comes in small, medium, and large each weighs approximately 2 pounds. Free shipping and a 100% money back guarantee. It has stellar 5 star reviews.

Fun and Function Sensory Clothes

Lots of variety for boys + girls

This particular vest is their fleece option—but they also have a denim jacket, an explorer vest, a police vest and much more. If your child benefits from the sensory input this is a great way to incorporate it where they don't feel singled out. The vest includes 2 pounds of weight: four 1/4 lb. weights and two 1/2 lb. weights, all completely removable. Designed for ages 2+. They offer free shipping and no-hassle returns. 

For something simple and straightforward—and travel friendly—this lap pad fits the bill. It's available in this vibrant blue in 2 or 5 pounds. They offer the fabric in 100% cotton, Cuddle Fleece, or waterproof options. 

Weighted Stuffed Animals

If you're looking for a fun-yet-functional alternative to a weighted vest or lap pad, consider a weighted stuffed animal. You'll get the same benefits and your child will love their new "toy". Check out our favorites below!

Sensacalm Peaceful Pals

A variety of weighted stuffed animals

I am OBSESSED with these adorable weighted stuffed animals. They come in 3 or 5 pound options, in a "cuddly" fabric or a waterproof and wipeable option. They are completely machine washable.  They are a fun weighted blanket alternative or can be used as lap pads. The weight is distributed in the limbs, so your stuffed animal can wrap your child in a hug! They have unicorns, sharks, penguins, dolphins, and MUCH more. They have raving reviews and comes highly recommended.

Creature Comforts

Cute Weighted Amphibians

These fun weighted animals can be used as lap pads and are beneficial for children  with autism, sensory processing disorder or ADHD.  These are available in pink or green camo patterns and weigh between 4-5 pounds. Their weighted filling is made with birdseed (so not washable). They are handmade in Colorado.

​Warmkins Weighted Giraffe​

Weighted Warmable Animals

How cute is this little guy?! He is made with a polyester fabric and stuffed with cotton. It has a removable insert back that can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. "Winston" weight 3 pounds and is 18" in height. He's the perfect size for travel. They also offer a weighted monkey named "Hugo".

That wraps up our all-inclusive list of weighted options to help your child. Which type is your favorite?